White Sun Discography
White Sun Discography
White Sun Discography
White Sun Discography
White Sun Discography
White Sun Discography
White Sun Discography

White Sun Discography

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You will receive a link to download the entire discography, including extended versions of tracks. Delivered as a zip file, this is over 3GB of music. 

The download contains 134 files that total over 27 Hours.

Track List:

Aap Sahaee Hoa (Extended Version)
Akal (Extended Version)
Ang Sang Wahe Guru
Ant Na Siftee
Ant Na Siftee (Extended Version)
Bahota Karam
Basant Ki Var
Behold The Light
Bhand Jameeai
Bhand Jameeai (Extended Version)
Chakra Song
Chakra Song (Extended Version)
Chattra Chakkra Varti (Live)
Dhartee Hei
Dream Land (Live)
Ek Ong Kar Lullaby (Extended Version)
Eka Mai Recitation
Fade Into You (Live)
Guru Ram Das (Extended Version)
Har Har Wahe Guru
Ik Ardas Wahe Guru (Live)
Karmapa Khyenno
Le Chalet Des Glaces
Long Time Sun 2020
Long Time Sun (Live)
Long Time Sunshine
Mul Mantra (Extended Version)
Mul Mantra (Live)
Nature Boy (Live)
Ra Ma Da Sa (Live)
Rogan Tay
Sa Re Sa Sa
Sa Re Sa Sa (Extended Version)
Silent Night (Live)
Song to the Siren
Sound of Silence
Tantric Har
Teardrop (Live)
White Sun Drums
White Sun Drums (Extended Version)

Interpretation of Dreams (The Live Album)
1. Ripple (Live)
2. No Rain (Live)
3. La Frontera (Live)
4. We're Going to Be Friends (Live)
5. Nature Boy (Live)
6. Something in the Way She Moves (Live)
7. Wicked Game (Live)
8. Everybody Hurts (Live)
9. Sweet Jane (Live)
10. Killing Me Softly (Live)
11. Teardrop (Live)
12. I Believe in You (Live)
13. Fade Into You (Live)
14. Dream Land (Live)

Hummee Hum
Aad Such

Triple (Extended Version):
Hummee Hum (Extended Version) 35:25
Aad Such (Extended Version) 34:05
Harji (Extended Version) 35:06

Long Ek Ong Kars:
Long Ek Ong Kars 7 Minutes
Long Ek Ong Kars 11 Minutes
Long Ek Ong Kars 31 Minutes
Long Ek Ong Kars 62 Minutes
Long Ek Ong Kars 2.5 Hours

Long Time Sun & El Eterno Sol:
El Eterno Sol
Long Time Sun

White Sun:
1. Trinity
2. Aap Sahaee Hoa
3. Rakhe Rakhanhar
4. Ong Namo
5. Rom Rom
6. Mul Mantra
7. Healing Gong
8. Ardas
9. Lakshman
10. Sat Nam
11. Ammatay
12. Ra Ma Da Sa
13. Wish Fulfilling Gong
14. Guru Ram Das
15. Ardas Choir

White Sun Gong:
1. Gold View
2. Sky Blue
3. Thunder Mountain

White Sun II:
1. Gobinday Mukunday
2. Ajai Alai
3. Chattra Chakkra Varti
4. Simro Gobind
5. Suniai
6. Aap Sahaee Hoa Har Har Har
7. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur
8. Akal Instrumental
9. Akal
10. Hummee Hum
11. Ik Ardas Wahe Guru

White Sun III:
1. Anik Naad
2. Wah Yantee One
3. Adi Shakti
4. Guru Ram Das Song
5. Aisa Naam
6. Ong Sohung
7. Ek Ong Kar
8. Maha Kal Sat
9. Har Singh Nar Singh
10. Asankh Nav
11. Ek Ong Kar Lullaby
12. Jat Pahara
13. Ram Ram
14. Sa Re Sa Sa
15. Say Saraswati
16. Sochai Soch
17. Teree Mer
18. Eka Mai
19. Tithai Too
20. Mere Lal Jio
21. Pavan Pavan
22. Wah Yantee Two
23. Jai Te Gang

White Sun Sadhana:
1. Long Ek Ong Kars (Sadhana)
2. Wah Yantee (Sadhana)
3. Mul Mantra (Sadhana)
4. Sat Siri Akal (Sadhana)
5. Rakhe Rakhanhar (Sadhana)
6. Wahe Guru Jio (Sadhana)
7. Guru Ram Das (Sadhana)

White Sun Sadhana (Extended Version):
1. Long Ek Ong Kars (Sadhana) 34:45
2. Wah Yantee (Sadhana) 34:03
3. Mul Mantra (Sadhana) 34:17
4. Sat Siri Akal (Sadhana) 33:10
5. Rakhe Rakhanhar (Sadhana) 35:40
6. Wahe Guru Jio (Sadhana) 37:35
7. Guru Ram Das (Sadhana) 34:32